Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod

KIROVETS™. Exceptional effectiveness


Wheel loader К-702MA-PK6

Wheel loader with bucket of 3.5 m3 and lifting capacity 6.0 m.t.

Wheel loader "Kirovets" K-702MA-PK6 used in loading and unloading materials without preliminary loosening. The loader can be used in construction, agriculture, reclamation.

Key features:

  • High efficiency;
  • Generality;
  • Developed and tested design;
  • High durability of bearing elements;
  • Excellent maintainability;
  • Safety;
  • Reliable local and foreign component parts;
  • Suitable for operation in harsh conditions (possibility to upgrade for operation in North conditions).





Engine type

Turbocharged diesel  engine V-8

Rated power

175 (235) h.p. (kW) at 1700 rpm


transmission, mechanical, dual mode, reverse, four-speed gearbox with hydraulic gear shift

Maximum speed

39 km/h

Operating weight

21 000 kg

Wheel base

3 750 mm

Length x Width x Height

8 900 х 3 100 х 3 800 mm


Double-seat with built-in safety frame

Cabin equipment

Hydrostatic power swing control, adjustable steering post, sprung seat

Hydraulic cycle

18.0 s (including  9.0 boom lift,  5.0 bucket dump, 4.0 boom lowering)

Rated lifting capacity

6 t

Bucket capacity

3.5 m3

Maximum height of bucket dump by cutting edge

3 200 mm (at a dump angle of 45°)