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Agricultural tractors

Kirovets К-703М-12-03.2

Multipurpose farming tractor Kirovets.
350 engine horsepower, weight from 16 000 kg
Rotary station, loading bucket with load capacity of 4-5 tons, dozer blade 3.65 m wide, 4 category farming hitch

Tractor Kirovets K-703M-12-03.2 thanks to a large weight, high power and a manual transmission with gear shift within the ranges without interrupting the flow of power demonstrates high traction performance.

For agricultural farm work tractor is equipped with such options:

  • 4-th category farming hitch
  • hydraulic pitch-up hook
  • Trailed bracket and
  • Three-section valve actuator (one section for farming hitch and the other two are free) and gear hydraulic pump.

The main distinctive feature of this tractor - its versatility. The design of this model is provided with the possibility of install of additional equipment that allows its effective use in non-agricultural work:

  • dozer blade 3.65 m wide and
  • Loading bucket with load capacity of 4-5 tons (depending on dozer blade presence)

For convenient work of the operator with this equipment the rotary post is provided, optional custom air conditioner and auxiliary heater is available

Complex tasks, for which this model of tractor Kirovets is effectively applied:

  • tillage
  • sowing
  • transport works
  • clearing roads from snow
  • works on road maintenance and repair
  • Transfer/clamping of beet
  • loading and unloading of different materials (grain, manure, crushed stone, sand etc.)

The design allows the possibility of operation in three versions:
1. Tractor unit with farming hitch
2. Tractor unit with farming hitch, dozer equipment on motor half-frame and detachable ballast weight

3. Tractor unit with dozer equipment motor half-frame and bucket on

loading half-frame ( farming hitch is supplied in repair kit)

Service weight, kg, up to:
Version 1 16000
Version 2 19000
Version 3 21000
Overall dimension (length x width x height), mm:
Version 1 7700х2975х3735
Version 2 8820х3360х3735
Version 3 9000х3360х3735
Fuel tank capacity, l 320 (+ additional tank for 300 l option)
ENGINE 8481.10 (Tutaev engine factory)
Rated power, kW (HP) 257(350)
Service power, kW (HP) 235(320)
Rated speed, r/min-1 1900
engine start heating PJD-30

Gearbox - manual with four gears without interrupting the flow of power

within each of the four modes (16 speeds forward and 8 speeds reverse)

Maximum movement speed, km/h 30
Motor and loading axles - driving, loading axle - switched
cross-axle differential - self-locking dental clutch of free running
hydraulic system
Three-sectioned valve actuator and gear hydraulic pump
Axle suspension Rigid
Industrial tires 29,5/75R25 или ДФ16А (НС22)
Rims dismountable
Main brakes – dry, pneumatic, shoe-typed
parking brake - shoe-disc with pneumatic spring drive
Type of cabin and its equipment

Double, all-metal, with thermal, vibration and noise insulation;

with built-in safety frame to protect the operator in case of machine rollover (ROPS) and objects falling (FOPS)

Bidirectional control station in operator’s cabin In the base
Operator seat – sprung type
front and rear windows blowers, tinted cabin – glazing 2
Cabin – glazing тонированное
Heaters in the cab with adjustable modes 2
Dozer equipment
Installed on motor half-frame  
Blade height, mm 1100
Blade width, mm
In dozer position 3160
In grader position 3030
Maximum value of blade penetration beneath the footprint of wheels, mm 340
Blade installation angle into grader position (left/right), degree 27
Maximum angle of transverse crabbing of blade, degree 11
rated load capacity of bucket, t 4-5 (depending on dozer blade presence, if installed – the load capacity is 5 tons)
The maximum unloading height on the cutting edge (angle of 45 degrees), from, mm 3400
Hydraulic cycle time when working at the rated speed with a load, sec .: 28
Bucket lifting 12
Bucket tilting 10
Boom lowering 6
Air conditioning "August" option
Independent cabin heater «Webasto» option
Independent cabin heater «Webasto» In the base
Farming hitch In the base
Hydraulic pitch-up hook In the base
Trailed bracket In the base
Set of spare parts In the base