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Silo tamper

Silo tamper Kirovetc TSN-5

Weight of 5 tons, suitable for tractors from 250 hp, Hitch III and IV category

Solving customer task: to increase the economic efficiency of conventional technology of silo tamper.

Competitive advantages of the solution found. Economic efficiency is achieved in following way:

  • Of course the main advantage of TSN-5 is a high specific pressure, which allows to increases the degree of tamping and to reduce the number of passes over the silo pit up to 2 times. And this is the direct savings on fuel, oil, maintenance of tractor, etc.
  • a uniform high density silage is created, which is characterized by higher rates of nutrients and storing conditions. This effect is not from the aspect of the savings, it is production gain of animals and thus growth of income!
  • Simple and reliable design requires virtually no maintenance and operation costs. Any tractor with 5th drawbar category is suitable

Index Value
Operational weight, kg not less than 5 000 kg
tractor power From 250 HP
Category of three-link farming hitch  III or IV, with a load capacity on shoulder of 600 mm not less than 7 500 kg
Produced specific pressure of silo at a thickness of freshly applied layer not more than 200mm 1.7 kg / cm2, which ensures mass compaction to 750 kg / m2
Work on steep banks with steepness not more than 50%
No hydraulic in design, which guarantees the complete absence of leakage or dropping of petroleum products during the movement on silo