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COMING SOON! Kirovets K-708 UDM

Frontlift wheeled loader with bulldozer equipment. Operating weight 22 tons. Load capacity 7 t, bucket 4.1 cubic m, width of blade 3.16 m. Up to 2 times more productive and more comfortable than the previous model

Universal road machine (URM) - a unique combination of functions of the frontlift loader and wheeled bulldozer. Developed by request of the Ministry of Defense in the early 1990s, it still has not lost its relevance today.

Distinctive features of the new URM:
  • nearly double increase of shift performance *
  • bucket increased - 4.1 cubic meters
  • load capacity increased - 7 tons
  • hydraulic cycle reduced by half - 12/16 sec (depending on configuration)
  • fuel tank doubled
  • Improved operator’s work conditions
  • Automatic ZF transmission 
  • Air conditioning in the cabin
  • Management of boom and bucket with a joystick
  • rotary station
  • Modern exterior and interior of machine
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness
  • productivity increased
  • Fuel consumption remains at the same level
  • High maintainability
  • High reliability of the design and components

*Compared with the previous model

Features of Kirovets universal road machines are impressive:
  • excavation works and moving of soil, excavation
  • Laying of cross-country routes on virgin snow and in the area with the presence of low forest, bushes and stones
  • Arrangement of embankments and crossings through ditches and ravines
  • Arrangement of exits to crossing
  • Loading bulk solids into transport vehicles
  • Filling of ditches and pits
  • clearing roads from snow
Thus, universal road machines are used in construction, mining industry, agriculture, irrigation, rail transport and ports, during snow removal and land improvement.