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Kirovets К-744RROM NEW!

New generation model of Kirovets industrial machinery. Power 300 hp. Operating weight 14.9 - 19.0 tons. Four-wheel drive, articulated frame. With hydraulic tow hitch.

Industrial tractor K-744RPROM is a new generation of Kirovets industrial machinery. In this model of Kirovets four key consumer properties were significantly strengthened: 

  • comfort
  • passing ability
  • pull rod
  • efficiency

Significant changes have been made in relation to operator comfort and safety:

  • Visibility of the road and working equipment from the driver seat has been improved.
  • air conditioner and heater in the base model improves the working conditions of the driver.
  • springs significantly reduce vibratory loads.
  • use of the brake chambers with pressure accumulators increases the reliability of the brake system in Case-heater for cold weather operation.
Highest passing ability and pull rod are based on a set of best design solutions:

• Articulated frame,

• four-wheel drive,

• Large equal wheels,

• locking differential,

• powerful turbodiesel

• tractor transmission,

• additional ballasting option,

• set of doubling of wheels

• and low pressure tires.

The improved traction properties and comfort for the operator increased the productivity of the tractor. The use of axial piston pump in the tractor hydraulics, which is in contrast to the gear pump is automatically activated only on demand of the system, allows the tractor to save power and reduce fuel consumption.

The main purpose of Kirovets K-744RPROM industrial tractor and its competitive advantage is the transportation of cargoes in the off-road and in mixed driving conditions: spring thaw, impassable track, frost, snow drifts, etc.


  • PTO
  • Set of doubling of wheels
  • Case-heater
  • Extra ballasts

The main technical characteristics of "Kirovets" K-744RPROM tractor compared to models K-703M-12 and K-703MA-12 (the previous generation of tractors manufactured by “PTZ” JSC)









Rated power, hp





PTZ gearbox, mechanical, 16F-8R, four-mode with hydraulic gear change without interruption in torque delivery within each of the 4 modes, and mechanical switching of modes.

Driving axles

Unified drive axles with limited self-locking differentials.

The front axle is on the springs with the hydraulic shock absorbers, rear axle is rigidly connected to the frame.

Unified drive axles with limited self-locking differentials.

Front axle and rear axle are rigidly connected to the frame.

Cushioning of the front axle can be done as per individual order.

Operational weight, kg

14 900  (19 000 option)

15 080

15 480

Base, mm


Length, mm






Height, mm






Fuel tank, l

Tank of smaller volume (400 liters) can be installed on the customer’s request.


Implement hydraulic system

Axial piston pump 180 l / min. Five-section hydraulic control valve

Hydraulic pump - NSH-50А-4Л - 2 pcs, pump capacity - 70 l/min. Hydraulic control valve - Р80-3/1-222

Hydraulic steering system

Gear pump 80 l/min

Operating equipment

Simplified hydraulic linkage (K-708 analogue)

Hitch - agricultural standard linkage three-point mechanism. Hydraulic pick-up hitch is included.


Thermal and noise insulated with safety cage (ROPS), controlled temperature conditions and ventilation. Two-seat, driver's seat is in the center.

With built-in protective cage (ROPS), full metal, two-seat, steering column and driver's seat are on the right in the direction of motion. Heating, ventilation, inner lining with thermal and noise insulation material.