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Plastic products
Manufacturing enterprise: Closed Joint-Stock Company Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod

Currently, plastic goods are used almost in all the spheres of the human life activity. Production of plastic goods is a serious competitor of the enterprises which work with metal and glass, for plastic products have a number of unquestionable advantages: firmness, beauty, cheapness, and possibility of use in the fields where products made of other materials are not always appropriate.

Petersburg Tractor Plant always improves the consumer properties of its machinery. The modern competition level places high demands on the parameters of tractor design, and on the workplace ergonomics as well. The analysis of modern technologies for modern equipment interior and exterior elements definitely aimed our Plant at creating our own plastics department. 

The plastics department started the production of the first item in the middle of 2013, already in a year the list of the developed and produced elements exceeded 50 units:

  • hood parts
  • fenders
  • cab roof
  • air filter adapter
  • cab decoration elements

The created production is fit out with modern equipment for producing and machining of plastic items. In the overall reconstructed department of more than 3000 sq m a vacuum-forming machine, drying ovens, ovens for polymers and other peripherals were installed. 

The plastics department can at this moment efficiently fill both internal and external orders according to the following areas: 
  • development of design projects
  • equipment producing for vacuum forming and glass-reinforced plastic based on a 3D model or client’s drafts,
  • thermal forming of ABS, HDPE and so on,
  • manual forming of glass-reinforced plastic items,
  • items production based on RTM LIGHT, VPI (pressure infusion) technologies

If you have questions contact:

Beshliu Alexander Konstantinovich, plastics department manage

+7 921 956 09 72