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Other products

Foundry products

The foundry produces foundry goods of ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys

The foundry is intended for production of low volumes and single-piece manufacture

Material type

Main brands

Развес кг


30L-50L, 110G13L, 40KH24N12SL

1 –1300

Cast iron:

Grey cast iron, bearing cast iron, special kinds of cast iron

1 – 5000


Br. О5TS5S5, Br.А9ZH3L

1 – 5000


Аk8TS7М, Аk12

0,5 – 300

Forming equipment

► Founding into sandy-argillaceous forms (joggling machines) steel, cast iron:

  • 403k – 1 pair (100 loads per shift on the conveyer)
  • 703m – 1 pair (50 loads per shift on the ground)

moulding boxes size:800х720х300/370

  • 760х590х250/250
  • 1000х850х300/370
  • 900х625х250/300
  • Ø850х350/350

► Founding into cold-hardening mixtures (alpha-set)

► KHTS mixers,: 20 t/h, 5 t/h, 2 t/h (on the ground)

  • steel, cast iron, copper-base alloys, aluminum alloys
  • maximum size of a moulding box 3500х2500.

Melting equipment

Induction furnaces:

  1. ILT-2,5 - 2 pieces                     
  2. ILT-1,0                                 
  3. IAT-1,0 
  4. IST-2,5                                

Chill casting (aluminum alloys, copper alloys)

To make an order right

To make an order it is necessary to write a letter addressed to the Director of Petersburg Tractor Plant Serebryakov Sergey Alexandrovich with a drawing of the item to be produced.

The letter can be sent both to the mail and fax.

For the possibility of foundry quoting the:

  • overall dimensions
  • all the items
  • material brand


Foundry Engineering manager

Matveyev Victor Alexandrovich

tel./fax  +7 (812) 647-63-21

Production Control Office manager

Sokolov Andrey Anatolyevich

tel./fax +7 (812) 302-62-03

Marketing Department

Kashtan Lyudmila Valentinovna

tel./fax +7 (812) 331-39-64



198097, Russia, St. Petersburg, Stachek Ave., 47