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KIROVETS™. Exceptional effectiveness


KIROVETS - a new player in the Hungarian tractors market


On March 24 in the Hungarian fields, the first presentation of a Russian tractor took place in the last few years. It was organized by a new and at the same time the first dealer of the Petersburg Tractor Plant in the territory of Hungary - "Kond Coop Kft" presented an alternative to expensive foreign tractors - KIROVETS K-744R4 in the maximum configuration.

The head of the company, Trabach Zoltan, said that the show was unplanned. A large-scale event was scheduled for mid-April. However, weather conditions made it possible to enter the field earlier than planned. Moreover, those who want to see the tractor in the case appeared at the beginning of the year - the tractor came to the base in January.

KIROVETS K-744R4, coupled with a heavy harrow, showed a processing speed of 13 km / h and a depth of 18 cm. The agronomist of the farm set this task.

At the end of the demonstration show, the heads of large farms, about 10 specialists, looked at the cabin interior with pleasure.  Several specialists expressed the desire to participate in the improvised test drive, noting the smooth running of the Russian tractor and the "responsive" steering.

The cost of buying KIROVETS and the economy of exploitation also pleasantly surprised the guests, the difference with foreign analogues is 1.5-2 times.

The tractors park of Hungarian farmers is currently represented by machines of American and European manufacturers. In quantitative terms, most of them are multipurpose tractors of the classic layout from 150 to 250 hp. However, the demand for more powerful tractors has doubled in the last five years.

For successful realisation of the project in the near future, demonstration shows will be held in various regions of the country. In the summer of this year the tractor will be shown at the 2 largest agricultural exhibitions.

More detailed information about the dealer can be found on his website.