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Field Day in Hungary


On May 4-6, the official dealer of the Petersburg Tractor Plant, Kond Coop Kft, presented KIROVETS K-744R4 at the largest agricultural exhibition in Hungary. The company's stand became one of the most visited at the event.

Director Trabach Zoltan believes that the exhibition was very effective.The exhibition was visited by more than 3000 people, half of them - heads of farms, technical specialists, representatives of specialized mass media. About 20 large farmers expressed a desire to acquire KIROVETS after a more detailed study, including after testing on their fields. For them, this is a good alternative to expensive American or German tractors, which they use to process their lands. As a rule, this is 2000-3000 ha.

The representative of the plant - the manager for export sales Pavel Lebedev noted the interest of Hungarian farmers to the Petersburg tractor. The farmers were interested about the terms of delivery, the terms of the guarantee, the availability of service. However, KIROVETS liked not only by professionals.

On the last day of the exhibition, in order to see KIROVETS and make a photo against its background, visitors lined up. Among them, students of agricultural universities, journalists, just families with children.The tractor really became one of the brightest novelties of this year.

In general, the director of the company "Kond Coop Kft" Trabach Zoltan predicts the growth in demand at the end of this year.

- This is evident from the primary reaction of our audience. Already, following the results of the exhibition, the number of visitors to the website has doubled. We also rely on a series of demonstration shows, which will begin in July, immediately after the harvest.