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KIROVETS celebrated its 55th anniversary


On May 18-19 St. Petersburg Tractor Plant celebrated the 55th anniversary of the famous brand KIROVETS. More than 230 guests from 53 regions of Russia, as well as foreign partners from Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, France, Australia, the Czech Republic, Hungary came to congratulate the plant on its anniversary.

An exhibition of finished products took place near the administrative building. The exposition was decorated with 6 KIROVETS series K-744Р with capacity from 350 to 430 hp. with a new interior of the cabins, as well as samples of industrial vehicles. The managers of the plant's main production lines told about changes in agricultural tractors, over 500 were introduced in the last 2 years.

Continuation of the holiday was a solemn meeting on the main assembly line. Director of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant Sergei Serebryakov reminded the audience that the company with more than two hundred years of history is the founder of the domestic tractor construction - in the 20-ies of the last century here began to collect the row-type tractors "Fordzon-Putilovets" and "Universals". In the pre-war period, more than 200,000 units were produced.

Development and start of serial production of tractors KIROVETS is a new stage in the life of the plant and the country's agriculture. The celebration of the anniversary coincided with the release of the 480 000th KIROVETS tractor. To date, there are about 40 thousand KIROVETS tractors with various modifications are working on the fields. More than 15,000 tractors were shipped for export.

Special guests of the plant are the Ministers of Agriculture of the Republics of Mordovia and Bashkortostan, Deputy General Director of Rosagroleasing, Natalia Ivanovna Zudina.

The representative of the country's largest agrarian leasing company in a solemn ceremony handed the keys to the KIROVETS K-744R2 tractor to Viktor Fyodorov, the director of the “Novgorod Bacon” agroholding. In her speech, she also noted that over the years of cooperation with the Petersburg Tractor Plant, 3213 leasing deliveries of KIROVTS have been performed for a total of 14.235 billion rubles.

One of the significant events of the holiday was the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Petersburg Tractor Plant. The document will allow agrarians of the Republic to buy tractors KIROVETS on special terms.

A similar agreement was signed with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Mordovia.

On the second day with dealers there was a meeting on the preliminary results of 2017. Deputy Sales Director Boris Filin noted that the demand for tractors KIROVETS in Russia this year is comparable to the record 2016. Export sales more than doubled. Particular attention was paid to new sales tools. Among them, the development of special regional subsidy programs, the share of Rosagroleasing, special conditions for the "second-hand" campaign.

The final part of the holiday was a community excursion program: sightseeing of the main sights of St. Petersburg, a boat trip to Peterhof, a view of the fountains and a festive dinner.

In the opinion of the organizers of the holiday, the meeting at such a high level will contribute to the development of the plant as a whole. This will also serve as the beginning of a new stage of cooperation with a number of the largest agrarian and industrial companies in Russia. The nearest bilateral talks are planned for June.