Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod

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Contacts of responsible persons

Dear clients, partners! Please address all questions related to quality to the responsible persons:
Deputy Quality Director
Alexander Anatolievich Sokolov
(812) 647-63-02
Chief Designer Department
Vladimir Ivanovich Efremov
(812) 302-61-36
Chief Technologist Department
Alexander Vladimirovich Daino
(812) 647-65-53
Vladislav Valerievich Golubyatnikov
Vasiliy Vasilievich Batrunov
(812) 647-65-01
Servicing and Warranty Maintenance Department of CJSC “PTZ”
Andrey Eduardovich Sagaev
Alexander Evgenievich Rolle   
(812) 302-62-77
Technical Control Department
Sergey Grigorievich Beresnev
QMS Team
Alexey Viktorovich Rusyaev
(812) 302-61-61