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Agricultural tractors

Kirovets К-744R

5th generation of tractors "Kirovets". The K-744P series is presented by 4 models power  from 300 to 428 h.p. and max. productivity  hydraulic systems of the working equipment of 180 l/min.

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Kirovets К-703М-12-03.2

Multipurpose farming tractor "Kirovets".350 engine horsepower, weight from 16 000 kg Rotary station, loading bucket with load capacity of 4-5 tons, dozer blade 3.65 m wide, 4 category farming hitch.

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Silo tamper

Silo tamper Kirovets TSN-5

weight of 5 tons, suitable for tractors from 250 hp, Hitch III and IV category

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Articulated dump truck.

COMING SOON! Kirovets K-708.2

Articulated dump truck. 
Construction weight 14,8t. 
load capacity 25 tons., 
gross weight 39.8 tons.

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Wheel loaders

COMING SOON! Kirovets К-708UDM

Frontlift wheeled loader with bulldozer equipment. Operating weight 22 tons. Load capacity 7 t, bucket 4.1 cubic m, width of blade 3.16 m. Up to 2 times more productive and more comfortable than the previous model

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Kirovets К-702МBА-UDM2

Frontlift wheeled loader with bulldozer equipment. Operating weight 23 tons. Load capacity 6 t, 3.5 m3 bucket, blade width of 3.36 m.

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Kirovets К-702МА-PK6

Frontlift wheeled loader with load capacity of 6 tons. LPK-6 modification is equipped with open-side grapple instead of bucket.

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Wheel bulldozers

Kirovets К-702MBA-01-BKU

Wheel dozer. Operating weight 20.8 t. Equipped with angled blade 3800 mm wide in the dozer position and angled blade 3650 mm wide in the grader position.

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Kirovets К-703МА-DM15

Road vehicle – powerful four-wheel drive high-speed dozer with the operating weight of 17 tons. Equipped with 4515 mm rotary blade.

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New! Kirovets К-744RPROM

New generation model of Kirovets industrial machinery. Power 300 hp. Operating weight 14.9 - 19.0 tons. Four-wheel drive, articulated frame. With hydraulic tow hitch.
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Kirovets К-703МА and К-703М and equipment

Industrial tractors (all-wheel drive tractor units) "Kirovets K-703MA" and "K-703M" (250 and 350 hp correspondingly). Operating weight is up to 18.3 tones. Auxiliary equipment: dozer blade, fifth wheel, farming hitch, tow hitch



Snow-removing machines

Kirovets К-703МА-OS и К-703МА-OS2

Milling rotary snow-removing machine produced on the basis of industrial tractor of K-703MA type. Capacity – up to 1200 t/h. Snow ejecting distance is up to 25m. Auxiliary equipment – dozer blade, reverse control station and creeper gear.

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Kirovets К-703МА-AS and К-703М-AS

four-tower mobile welding machines on the basis of the industrial modules "Kirovets"

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Bearing transporting vehicles

Kirovets К-703МА-12-OP

Bearing transporting vehicle for electric lines maintenance

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Plastic products


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Foundry products


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