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Capabilities of the plant

CJSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod is the company of full production cycle, which generates up to 50% of the production cost of serial products on their own site. The following functional units are implemented in the structure of the Plant:

• design, engineering bureaus and research and development section provide support for existing production models, as well the creation and testing of new equipment and production of small scale samples;
• supply service provides delivery of both domestic and foreign components;
• welding shop, cabins shop, boxes shop, electrical division produce the components needed to assemble;
• the foundry produces castings of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys;
• assembly line provides assembly of finished products;
• acceptance division is responsible for the coloration, final assembly and running-in vehicles;
• quality unit ensures quality at all stages of production, both input and output quality control of components and process requirements of production and assembly;
• vehicle’s acceptance service "through the eyes of the consumer" provides the acceptance and testing of equipment with regard to its performance properties;
• sales service ensures the shipment of equipment from the Plant by rail and vehicles;
• sales management sells equipment and spare parts;
• quality service provides warranty and service maintenance of equipment.

Bending division

Gas-plasma and laser cutting division

Assembly-welding cladding structures, cabins and frame structures division

Turning-and-boring, boring and milling machines complex

Accurate machining division

Foundry shop

Transmissions assembly shop

Main assembly line

Spare parts warehouse

Shipment of equipment by vehicles

Shipment of equipment by rail