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On this page we will be publishing answers to all questions that will be addressed to our customer service departments through the “Feedback Menu”. Before you send us your inquiry, please search this page for a possible answer. Just do the following:

  • Press CTRL + F;
  • You will see the browser’s search field menu;
  • Enter several different key words of your inquiry;
  • Examine proposed answers.

The list of questions for quick reference:

1.  Where can I find a catalogue of spare parts for a tractor K -744?

At the moment the catalogue is being redone due to considerate changes that have been implemented in the design of the tractor. According to the plan, the corrections will have been done by April 1st, 2014. If you have any questions about your tractor, please contact our plant’s Service Department. After the correction is finished, the catalogue will be distributed among dealers who sell Kirovets tractors.

2.  Where is it possible to repair the hydro wheel of a K-744P1 tractor manufactured in 2002?

You can have it repaired at the specialized factory OOO “Hydrowheel” in Moscow. Phone number: +7 (495) 490-65-91.

3.  When I make a turn, the outer wheel of the rear drive axle (K-744P tractor) starts skidding on the ground. Why does it happen and how can it be repaired without the need to use repair shops?

A possible cause of this defect is a broken differential of the main transmission of the leading axle. To fix this problem it is recommended to contact your local dealer or a service center of CJSC PETERBURGSKY TRAKTORNY ZAVOD.

4.  The oil in the hydraulic tank of the tractor starts “boiling”. How can I fix this defect?

There could be several reasons why it happens. To find a cause we need more information about how the problem manifests itself and also about the operation mode of your hydraulic system. To get a consultation we recommend you to contact the Service Department of CJSC PETERBURGSKY TRAKTORNY ZAVOD by dialing +7 (812) 302-02-77.

5.  Is it possible to replace the transmission of a K-744 tractor with the transmission from a K-700 tractor? If not, please explain why.

The replacement is impossible due to several basic reasons:

  • The mountain brackets that attach cases of the transmission to the frames of K-700A and K-744 differ from each other.
  • The transmission of K-744P has ratio of gearing different from K-700A and K-701.
  • The drive shaft of the transmissions of K-700A and K701 is not enforced.
  • The transmissions also differ in driving gears.

6.  The tractor has a Bosch hydraulic valve with 4 sections. How can it be changed to a valve with 5 sections with regulated feed and who should I contact for the replacement?

The modification is possible. You have to contact a local official dealer center of CJSC PETERBURGSKY TRAKTORNY ZAVOD. During the process of modernization they will change the hydraulic pump (instead of the gear-wheel pump they will install a pump with regulated feed), improve the pump drive gear box, increase the number of shift levers, replace the brackets of the hydraulic distribution valve and the brackets of the hydraulic tank, and also they will add two fast couplings. This kind of work requires special skills and equipment. Therefore, we recommend doing that only in our official dealer centers.

7.  What brands of oil can I use for the hydraulic system of Kirovets tractors K-744P series?

The hydraulic implements and steering hydraulics of K-744P Kirovets tractors require oil from the single hydraulic tank. Please note that oil parameters are very important for the units manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Company (the hydraulic valve and the pump). Therefore, our recommendations will be given with this factor in mind.

Below is a list of permitted oil brands. Their mixing during a refill is prohibited.

Oil brand (manufacturer)

Oil brand compliant with DIN 51524 HVLP part 3 standard, or ISO VG 32 standard


RW X-Hydraulic S Force HVZF 32 (according to Bosch Rexroth Company this brand is the best to meet the requirements of the working equipment)


Shell Tellus S4 VX 32

Rosneft (TNK)

TNK Hydraulic oil Arctic 32

8.  Specify the brands of oil and antifreeze for the engines of Mercedes series, installed on Kirovets K-744P series tractors?

You can get more details about how to service Mercedes OM457 engines from specialized literature (a service book and a user’s manual) which is available on our site, just one click away.

In this documentation the manufacturer sites different oil spec sheets of “Instructions from Mercedes-Benz”, which are available on the Internet, by clicking a link.

The major oil brands, that we recommend to use for the Mercedes OM457 engines are oil brands from spec sheets 228.5, 228.51. If you use other oil brands, permitted by Mercedes-Benz, specifically, from spec sheets 228.3, 228.31, 228.2, 228.0 and 228.1, then you will have to change them more frequently, that increases the cost of the engine exploitation and of the tractor as the whole.

According to the service book, you have to change the coolant every 3 years. The list can be found on the sheets 325.0, 325.2, 326.0 and 326.2.

You have to change the coolants every 5 years. See the list on sheets 235.3, 236.3.