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KIROVETS ready to conquer the Australian fields

13 May 2017

On March 7-9, the official dealer of the Petersburg Tractor Plant, the "Australian Productivity Council", presented by KIROVETS model K-744R4 at the Australian National Field Day "Wimmera Machinery Field Days". The first appearance of the Russian tractor in the last 25 years has attracted great interest among the organizers and visitors of the exhibition.

The interest of the customers was chained to the characteristics that form the cost of operating of the tractor: purchase price, engine power, fuel consumption, engine and transmission resource before overhaul, repair costs of main units, maintenance intervals, prices for consumables, warranty period and post-warranty repair rules. These parameters account for up to 90% of all costs.

Now the market of agricultural machinery in Australia is dominated by American tractor manufacturers. National mechanical engineering of the green continent does not provide any alternatives. Farmers face to face have remained with their well-founded fear of a double increase in the cost of maintenance and repair of new American machines. The reason is that American tractor manufacturers are ready to change their business model. Their new goal is to oblige customers during the entire service life of the equipment, at every maintenance or repair, to apply exclusively to the dealers of the plant. The tool that legally allows it to do is already exist - these are laws to protect copyrights for software, which is equipped with all the major components of American machines.

Farmers were impressed by the results of comparing the characteristics of KIROVETS with other tractors, their use is 1.5-2 times cheaper than their competitors. About twenty farmers are offering their fields for testing the claimed properties of KIROVTS and making a purchasing decision.

Georgy Pertenava, head of the export sales department of the Petersburg Tractor Plant, described the Australian market of agricultural machinery as undeservedly forgotten, but promising. The last deliveries of KIROVETS to the green continent were about 25 years ago, some machines are still working. Meanwhile, in Australia, 500-800 tractors with a capacity more than 300 hp are sold per year

High demand for powerful tractors is connected with the grain orientation of agriculture in this country. For 24 million people there are more than 20 million hectares of sowing lands. More than half of them are wheat crops, which Australia is actively exporting. In the world market, grains are won only at the price and minimum cost. Therefore, in Australia, as well as in Russia, there is a vast class of very large agro-enterprises, for which powerful tractors are the basis for agricultural production.

A great attention is paid to agronomic disciplines in the higher education system. Not far from the exhibition venue is the Agricultural College - a division of Melbourne University. Therefore, 20% of visitors to the exhibition were students and teachers.

Students after finishing education receive employment in family companies. Accordingly, educational programs immediately find applications in real life. As a result, over the last decade, most farms switched to zero seeding technology, and the direction of land development has been seriously developed.

The concept of his debut commented Craig Milen, director of the “Australian Productivity Council”:

"KIROVETS is an easy-to-use, inexpensive and reliable tractor. In the near future we will try to gain a foothold in the local market of powerful tractors - the task is not simple, but feasible. In favor of KIROVTSEV, the "price / quality" ratio is more attractive than that of European and American competitors. Obviously, the service of Russian tractors for Australian farmers will also be more affordable. In addition, unlike North America and European countries, Australia does not have strict environmental restrictions on machines. For three days of work at the exhibition, negotiations were held with the editors of agrarian journals on the joint promotion of Russian tractors, as well as with potential business partners. In the plans for the near future - the creation of a network of service centers, a series of demonstration shows with soil-cultivation tools."

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