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Factory Quality Policy

CJSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod

CJSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod is a subsidiary of JSC Kirovsky Zavod which history goes back to Putilovsky Zavod founded in the capital of the Russian Empire in 1801. The factory started its production of tractors in 1924 when the first Fordson-Putilovets tractor was produced. In 1962 the first legendary tractors K-700 “Kirovets” were assembled at the factory, since 2000, tractors of a new range K-744 have been produced. All in all, within 40 years more than 467000 tractors of “Kirovets” brand came off the assembly line.

Core business areas:
design, development, manufacturing, mounting and servicing of farm tractors, road-building and forestry machines and attachments thereto.

Strategic quality objective:
sustainable growth based on improvement of competitiveness and quality of finished products, works and services, continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction and strengthening factory performance through improvement of its systems and processes.

Basic procedures to achieve the strategic quality objective:

• Increase performance and competitiveness of the factory taking into account the interests of consumers, company’s shareholders and personnel by carrying out systematic work to improve quality of finished products, works and services;
• Define the needs and expectations of consumers of our products, works and services, ongoing monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction;
• Ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management system implemented in the organization based on the principles laid down by International Standard ISO 9001;
• Establish long-term mutually beneficial relations with suppliers based on trust and partnership when developing and upgrading deliverable components with due regard to customers’ requirements and market trends;
• Continuing professional development of personnel – personnel should know tools and principles of improvements, be conscious of their need and have sufficient knowledge and skills to operate them successfully;
• Increase factory performance by improving its systems and implementing philosophy and principles of Production System: Standard Work, 5S, ТРМ, Value Stream Mapping, Pull System, Problem Solving, Suggestion Box System, TQM;
• Establish and communicate to all employees measurable indicators to monitor results;
• Set up production of new samples of machines, equipment and services using advanced technologies.

The management of CJSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod assumes obligations and responsibility for implementation of Quality Policy, including creating necessary conditions for creative and active engagement of personnel in the implementation of this Policy.